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Broken or fixed game proof


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I have my game set to stop at a certain point when it wins and when it loses. All is fine and rolls stop when they were set to until the game limbo or whoever is sitting behind it decides they want to clean me out and wouldn't even allow me the privilege to stop it manually as if the button had no option but to bet.  ...... as you all see I have it set to stop at 0.008 , and it went well past that and kept going I tried to stop it because It has eaten my money several other times before this and I didnt want to be cleaned again.  Here are some pics to show evidence that this is a rigged machine or it's broken.  I'm not quite furious but I'm definatly angry and will be withdrawl my coins and not going to return again . Unless this is made right. I lost too much money to let it go. 

On a second note it won't let me post pics due to low memory. I'm looking at image file size and it doesn't surpass threshold I'm not too sure. I want whoever runs this place to ask me for picture evidence and refund me please how do I get in contact.

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