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Reasonable double up strategy.


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So I have had good look playing with 3 mines and picking 5 gems to win 2x my bet. I typically pick a diagonal and swap them although occasionally I will just put them all in one corner. Not really strategy just something that felt like it proved my win ratio. Ifnmothingnelse by following a plan I felt less like it was my fault every time

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Yes it works but odds kind of risk the benefit especially on back to back losses. I’ve had success with alternating streaks allowing larger multiplier and then several small multiplier bets reducing exposure and to account for the house edge when goin for higher multi. At some point the probability lines up with the first choices and that’s when I try to lower bet or select a different mines amount. Getting a rhythm down adds to the fun because before long you realize your balance is higher than you thought. Me Still trying to get a behemoth multiplier is ridiculously annoying. 

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Interesting strat @Skele. Are you playing each round manually? Or do you auto bet in between switching the 5 picks?


Personally, I prefer to go with a strategy of setting 8 mines and venturing to selecting 2 gems for a 2.18x multiplier. Then doubling up after a win and resetting back to the original base bet every 3-5 games, depending on well I'm playing so as to secure profits. Then at different bank roll amounts, adjust/increase the base bet amount. In case of any lose during the double up process, I'll restart back at the initial base bet or if I feel like I can hit the next one, keep the same bet amount and try again. The 2.18x gives that extra 0.18 so that, assuming I reset to the base bet after every loss during the double up process, I'll still have some leftover from the wins that would otherwise be completely gone if only taking 2.00x and doubling up.

However, when luck seems to be against me, i do toggle down to playing 5 mines and shooting for 3 gems as it definitely feels significantly easier and giving up only 0.18x of a difference in return. Though, there's just something about picking a third that seems to make me anxious, but when I start messing around and picking as many as possible sometimes, it reminds me just how more likely I am to choose a gem so I guess it's also somewhat of a head game...

To sort of expand on this and make it into a discussion, I inadvertently found myself writing out this post, which was originally included below but it went way off tangent and fortunately was able to copy n paste it to a separate post so I only left a part of it as an excerpt in the part that actually applies here or in case you may be interested to read but otherwise  feel free to ignore it as it's just inspired thoughts on Mines and how we come to prefer what we do



For me, although for a double-up strategy, I don't play 5 mines too often, and rarely if ever play 3 mines unless I'm going for 20 gems or 21 gems, but for me personally, i get this weird fear that  there's more opportunities to fail when electing to set the game to 3 mines and having to choose 5 squares successfully to achieve a 2.00x multiplier, but I suppose if you have a set selection process/pattern then it's probably less uncertain or dramatic. whereas, for me personally I'd prefer to set the game to 5 mines, and having to select just 3 squares  successfully to achieve a 2.00x multi. even though each square selection has a higher probability of failure per se but i guess in a way, you could say that I'd prefer taking fewer slightly higher risk chances per game rather than having to make more decisions with lower chances of failure, but what really makes this interesting is that statistically speaking both are exactly the same odds

SO i'm curious, do you have a preference specific to 3 mines, choosing 5, or could you also do 5 mines, choosing 3 and switch back and forth without issue?

 image.png.d2cbd4970ecb0a2127db0ad0388f70e1.png  Both same odds, which would you prefer?  image.png.099ea1ce81f76a947f405171c9ba474a.png



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