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App crashes and errors costing me money!!!


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Wow... I mean just FUCKING W O W .. THIS FUCKING SCAM APP... I really don't bitch very often but man... Yesterday, the site went down right after I made a $40 bet and I lost that money but they won't return it. Now today, the app has been fucking up again. Earlier, every time I plugged or unplugged my phone the app would restart. I lost a $10 bet earlier because of that... Now, I was playing crash and I wagered $40. I moved my phone in my hand and it changed to landscape mode BUT LANDSCAPE MODE IS NOT TURNED ON, ON MY PHONE!!! That caused me to lose that $40 because I couldn't get it to reorient properly (cause it isn't turned on) and therefore couldn't hit stop. What the fuck guys???? Please address these issues.  
Here's an idea... Can we hire some help desk people who's specific job is to look into issues like this?  It seems like whenever I bring the issue to the table, I just get a brush off.  Really makes me feel like you guys don't care, which sucks because I love this site...
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